Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

A New Member

Weeks have passed for the party of five. And their members grow as their exploits distinguish and dishonor them. The dwarf, rogue, witch, alchemist, and ranger have been joined by an inquisitor and a wizard. Jolag has been a trusted if not trustworthy companion. She appears it seems just as needed, releasing the party from prison, fighting side by side against foes, bringing news when none is to be had. And Ly who joined the party after they rescued her from Schloss Garris. To the party Ly is still unknown. They have not had the time in expedition nor battle to judge her motivations are loyalties.

Two of the heroes at least witnessed the wizard examine a teapot for the sole reason of looking like she was examining it before she surrepticiously placed it in her pack. Their watchful eye may have been felt, for the wizard later and just as surrepticiously returned the teapot. In all else she has been of the party but none of them is sure why.

She was notably absent At Schloss Garris in the fight against a vampiress and shadow demon that inhabit the Schloss. However she rejoins the party enroute to Schloss Carromarc. She acquits herself well in the party’s encounters with enchanted dogs and magicked weapons. Though still remaining oblique in some part to the fray.

Ultimately, as the six approach the last gorge crossing, Ly in cosmic solidarity falls into the river two hundred feet below the rope bridge. She, Carumati, Galamir, and Veremo (who had fallen in the and bobbed up before) with the help of Sollen and Jolag climb to the top of the cliff face and resume the exploration only to find a alchemically preserve menagerie of sea creatures one of whom “leads” the heroes to their next opponent.



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