Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

November 3

With 3 members of the party marked by Siama’s lichenthropy ward, we confront a pack of Primals intent on ridding the forest of human interlopers. There are 15 in the hunting party and with quick dispatch, the werewolves kill two of the lodge guards and maim three of the heroes. And, within minutes of meeting the wolves, Duristan is carried off by one with Galamir in chase.

It remains to be seen if Siam’s ward are a fantasy though they were acquired with some sacrifice. The heroes, prior to leaving the lodge, used the witch’s services to deflect attention from their attempts to gather more information. Lodge visitors were questioned. Rooms were searched, Duristan’s, Courvin’s. Only more questions are uncovered; why was the general slain, is Courvin a werewolf, why are the werewolves meeting at The Stairs of The Moon, does Duristan have any intellect at all?

The heroes in sympathy with Courvin secured his release, but joined the hunting party with no new information other than a great werewolf convening is to take place at The Stairs of The Moon. They set out to the gathering outnumbered by a magnitude but with no other option for continuing the search for The Whispering Way



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