Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

October 6

A confused narrative builds and chaos awaits around every corner as The Witch, The Dwarf, The Rogue, The Alchemist, The Wizard, and The Monk stumble after the Whispering Way. They are led by half-clues and half-truths, and a blunt approach has propelled them ahead if not wholly in the right direction.

They follow a “white-haired, older man” named Vrood. And, until the events of the last 24 hours they were unsure if he had even been at Ascenor Lodge. Again, the party’s heavy handed investigating has confirmed Vrood’s presence and business at the lodge, but at a not trivial cost to the party and some office furniture.

The Tower has turned out to not be a tower, the Respected Lodge Master has turned out to be a sexual deviant of some sort, Grayden has turned out to be dead – and perhaps in league with The Way or a lycanthropic tribe working against The Way. Even the derelict poet Tergsvor is now a suspected werewolf and murderer.

But, imprisonment for a second time has not prevented the heroes from extracting information. The Way has a acquired a third object Kvalka Zain’s heart.



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