Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

September 22

Askenor Lodge has much to offer its guests - giant, poisonous spiders, drunken lotharios, high priced companionship by the hour, and an exceptionally discrete staff. The party is “resting” in the lodge after fleeing from a tribe of werewolves intent on clearing the forest of human meddlers.

Currently the party is friendly to all, even a bloodthirsty werewolf hunter, but wary. None in the lodge so far have been forthcoming about the guests in the lodge, the past events, nor the danger that surrounds the lodge. The party is clear that at least one member of the Whispering Way has come through this area yet no one in the lodge environs will reveal anything. And yet there is behavior that is suspicious. The Master of the Lodge, Estovian Lozerov, is nervously guarding his office. When Viska and Carrumati approached his office door, they were unceremoniously shut out at the top of the stairs.

After a frustrating evening of fruitless interviews, the party retires for the second time hoping to rest and rejuvinate after besting the creature spawned out of the dead entrails of an unfortunate traveller. But, just as their heads hit the pillows, a scream shatters the darkness.



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