Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

Session 24

We join our intrepid crew as they prepare to set out upon the Silent Path toward Asekenor Lodge. The party expended resources, physical, and spiritual, defending against Count Caromark’s fiendish contraptions. The Count’s paranoia resulted in his experiments being used against him. The Whispering Way made its way through Caromark turning the Aberrant Promethian against his master.

The party battled an Insane Guard, a spider-like beast, the Aberrant Prometian, mechanical constructs and more to finally reach The Count and free him. Through their ordeal, the party confirmed that the Whispering Way had indeed been at Caromark and were on their way, according to The Count, to get to “The Wolves.” The Whispering Way numbered in the dozens with one older member distinguished by white hair.

As the party settles in to rest they recollect and surmise that the Whispering Way is gathering objects in their diabolical work. The Warden of Harrowstone’s soul is one and the Seasage Effigy another.



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