Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

Session Eight

The party is split, separated by an enchanted door that slammed behind Viska, Sollen, and Galamir. The screams from inside, pleas for rescue, spur Veremo and Carumati into action. They try repeatedly to break down the door and save their companions from whatever attacks them.

Ultimately the door comes down and Carumati and Veremo help to extinguish a horrific specter attacking Viska and Sollen. Galamir has retreated to a side room gathering his nerve for another attack. Once free of the ghoul, the heroes collect provisions – healing and protective items that they distributes and carry away with them. They begin a long night of exploring the remainder of the prison ruins.

Their first encounter is with the ghost of Vesoriana Hawkran. She is confined to the remains of sewing room that seems to be her prison within the haunted prison. Vesoriana informs the party that she is all that remains keeping the forces of the Whispering Way and the Five evil ghosts from re-animating a horrible force in the prison and the town. The party learns that people in Ravengro do indeed play a part in the plan, and that should the Warden Hawkran’s Badge of Office not be found and returned to Ms. Hawkran the Five will succeed.

Room by room the party continues to search Harrowstone with the new goal in mind. They muck, Sollen personally, slash spiders, suffer branding, collect additional tools of survival and ultimately find Warden Hawkran’s office. A safe inside the office occupies Galamir and Sollen and yields yet more provisions. As the heroes prepare to rest for the remainder of the night, Carumati the first “watchman” hears the distinct cry of a half-orc.



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