Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

Session Eleven

Harrowstone is no more. The Splatterman came after the party as Sollen awoke from coma. With Viska, Carumati, and Galamir pinned behind the portculis and Veremo shot through the iron bars at the specter. It took several attacks to vanquish him — silver arrows, fire, tackling. Viska falls and Gallamir must revive her. Carumati falls and Viska must administer her own potion to her. Finally, The Splatterman is gone and the party returns to the sewing room in search of Vesoriana.

Vesoriana conducts a last ritual with the help of the heroes. Each in turn relates the killing of one of the Five. The warden’s widow spirit requires the details of their killing and their death. With the last story, Vesoriana screams as a torrent of black ooze pours from her mouth and ruins begin to tremble. And she is gone.

The heroes run for the outside dodging the falling ruins. Carumati and Galamir carry Sollen and Viska part of the way but all ultimately are free of the haunted prison now nothing more that ash and rubble.

In town Viska, Galamir, and Carumati go to the temple with The Inquisitor’s head in a sack so as to return it to Father Grimborough. Sollen returns to Kendra with two priestly guards to watch over her. That evening the party attends, at Councilman Hearthmont’s invitation, a council meeting. In a crowded chamber house the heroes are thanked and congratulated. They are rewarded with a chest filled with 300 gold points.

Their duty now is to protect Kendra for the remaining 20 days.



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