Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

Session Fourteen

The party returns from Morast with little time to prepare for The Beast’s trial. Perfunctory discussions with Lasme do little to help Carrumati and Galamir form a plan of attack. A brief audience with The Beast confirm what Professor Deramid suspects – he is not to blame for at least some of the stated crimes. He is not the creature seen in Morast. The lack of scaring proves it.

It is decided that Carrumati can be called as a witness and Galamir can serve as her questioner. She acquits herself passably under Galamir’s direction but does not withstand well the cross examination of the prosecution. Her closing statement is brief but only serves to outrage the spectators. Rotten fruit flies at Carrumati.

The party now must hurry to question the strange sisters who remain from the ghost town that is Hergstadt. They stop at the windmill Starrow, Garrow, and Flict oversee. The sisters are taciturn – niggardly in their offering of information yet it is clear the youngest would say more if allowed.

Traveling on to Hergstadt, the party reaches the abandoned town after nightfall. They are met and one held in the grasp of a demonic child.



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