Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

Session Seven

The Professor’s Five make their way into the rotting Harrowstone. But first five, flaming, flying skeletons splash out of the lake to attack. The dwarf and elf are still wiping muck from their clothing when Viska, Carumati, and Galamir engage the demons. Galamir attacks with two hands, Viska and Carumati attempt magic. The flying bones prove more alive than dead and require multiple attempts to subdue. The Five sustain fire damage and deep wounds that are only partially healed by the time they stagger into the first room of Harrowstone.

The room is large and empty but for a hulking furnace. The rotting smell of mouldering ash and decades of pooling water lays heavy over what’s left of the structure. Galamir, Sollen, and Carumati inspect the room. Magic is detected but it’s source and nature are not revealed. Veremo and Viska delay their entry ensuring that no more skeletons appear. Once all are inside however the furnace, as though inspired by Carumati’s words, slings a tentacle of flame striking Galamir across his back in a deep diagonal. Rather than attempt the takeover of whatever force animates the furnace, The Five move deeper into the heart of Harrowstone. They pass through another room with deep shaft running from somewhere below and into this floor. Again there is the aura of undead. Galamir climbs most of the way down and fall the rest. There is no more specific information to be found and he climbs-falls-is pulled out again.

The next room is guarded by a haunt that warns off intruders with screams and slamming doors. Several times Veremo and Galamir attempt to hold open the doors long enough to see in or move in without success. Finally a large wooden table shoved in the opening allows the group to enter a sentencing auditorium. This room too has the taint of magic – a dead cold rises and intensifies as all enter the room. Carumati senses the origin of the stinking freeze from one of the auditorium benches and dispels it with holy water. Galamir opens the lock on the en-caged stage and the rest follow to investigate. It is clear to all of them that prison officials stood behind these bars before a murderous audience and handed out decrees in years and decades. Behind the stage Galamir points out what might be though a prop room except that it is revealed to hold a tempting stash. All of the items are those of Harrowstone’s most heinous criminals. There are spell books, charms, an ax, arrows, which turn Veremo, and Viska into keening collectors. The items are rounded up and the adventurers continue to crawl through room after room down the center corridor of the building.

Each one is entered without much trouble and found to contain nothing but a rotting film of mold until they reach the door at the end. Galamir opened the door and he, Sollen, and Viska crossed the threshold before it slammed shut before the remainder waiting in the corridor. Those inside found the room to be an infirmary and found it also to be haunted once shards of beaker, vials, syringes, began flying at them.



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