Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

Sessions Nine and Ten

A miserable, horrifying, slog through sinister ruins is taking its toll on the party. Sollen lays unconscious, Gallamir displays disfiguring scars, and Viska is returned from the dead. The portcullises at the mouth of the basement cells repeatedly test the heroes. The magic infecting the Harrowstone Prison plagues the party’s efforts. The Inquisitor succumbs to the attacks before the party recovers the Warden’s badge of office and leaves the five to continue the work on their own.

In the basement cells there is all the evidence of demon prisoners. The murderers were held in basement wings labeled to do honor to their punishment; Nevermore, Hell’s Basement, Reaper’s Hold, Ubliet. The torture devises belie the inhuman gore fest prisoners create in their captives. The devises hold the evil and attack the heroes trapping them, stabbing them, and coming alive to slash and hack. And though one poor soul, Alfie, leads the heroes closer to their goal, and weapons and treasure seems easily gathered, the depth of living dead villainy toys with the party. Each time they recover, the magic resumes – they become trapped, they become paralyzed, they are possessed, enfeebled and bloodied over and over again.

The Piper, and The Marauder, The Charlatan, The Lopper are bested, but The Splatterman still plays with the heroes. He toys with their psyches and works to split the party. Viska, Gallamir, and Carrumati remain trapped behind the portcullis staring into the pit used for gods know what.



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