Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

StoneShield's Water Log

Translated from Five Kings Mountain's Runes

Early evening: My group is trying to catch up to our adversaries who are a few days ahead of us. We(they) have decided to go by boat, as it is the fastest option. I didn’t catch the name of the boat or the Captains name because we were surrounded by water, floating on top of a few boards held together by pitch.

Evening; We have cast off and I have talked to the Captain. We is a useless human. He talks of a great beast below the surface far to lightly. I can’t get away from the sound and smell of the water. Torag keep us afloat and look after my companions and myself. A Dwarf should be returned to the stone.

Evening: I have inventory of my gear and laid it out according to need and weight.

Evening: I have taken stock of my gear again and reorganized it.

Evening: I think my first two attempts to organize my gear were to heavy.

Evening: This will be the only time I will ever say that I have to many weapons.

Late Evening: The water is so hard to look at. The moon reflecting off it is playing with my senses.

Late Evening: By Torag’s forge, there is something out there.

Late Evening: I hate the smell of the water and the people who make a living off it. It is damp and sickly. Constantly waiting and wearing away at you until it can pull you under.

Early morning: I saw something huge just below the surface!!! No one believes me. How am I to fight it without land beneath me.

Early morning: That’s it! That’s what are adversaries are after! They are going to somehow bring this huge creature under their control! We have to get shore and stop them!

Early morning: Torag, please hold the water at bay, so that I may continue to battle evil and it’s soldiers.



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