• Carumati Izora

    Carumati Izora

    Carumati is a Kellid alchemist.
  • Galamir Greenleaf

    Galamir Greenleaf

    Well-dressed elf with long platinum blonde hair and bright green eyes wants to enjoy life. Cheers!
  • Sollen StoneShield

    Sollen StoneShield

    Sollen StoneShield is 133 years old. He is 4'3" and weighs 157 stones. He is sturdy. He is very opinionated though he doesn't have much to say. He carries a vicious looking Dwarven axe and a shield that he keeps covered with a dense hide. He keeps to hims
  • Veremo


    Very lucky or very unlucky - What will today bring? I'll have an Ale and some food :-)
  • Viska Night-thorn

    Viska Night-thorn

    Elf Witch
  • Father Grimburrow

    Father Grimburrow

    Preist of Ravengro
  • Jorlagh


    Half-Orc Inquisitor ally of party
  • Kendra Lorrimor

    Kendra Lorrimor

    Daughter of Professor Petros Lorrimor
  • Tar-Baphon


    Lich, and leader of Whispering Way
  • Warden Hawkran

    Warden Hawkran

    A dilligent defender of justice who once protected Ustalav and the rest of the world from some of the most dnagerous murderers and psychopaths ever known. Presumably died when Harrowstone burned down. So honored was he that Ravengro had a monument built i