Viska Night-thorn

Elf Witch


Viska Silverwine Nightthorne is a 129 year old elven witch with long silver hair and green eyes. She wears a dark grey cape with a red-eyed silver skull on the back. She loves to read and is never without at least one book (usually more) in her pack. She is weak and clumsy, having rather low dexterity for an elf. She prefers to avoid conflict and tends to stay out of melee action, instead using a shortbow or spells from afar. She is kind-hearted and enjoys company though she is somewhat of an agoraphobe. She feels uncomfortable out in the open, preferring to be closeted away in a library surrounded by books. She passes herself off as a novice healer not wanting to advertise to the local Ustalavs that she is actually a witch. She carries a cauldron which she uses to boil tea (and other undisclosed potions.) She is a packrat, her cloak’s many pockets filled with odds & ends & bits of stuff because she never knows when something might come in handy.

Igor, her familiar, is a tarantula about the size of a human hand. He is brownish-black with furry legs and eight bright red eyes. He has a silver human skull with red eyes on the underside of his abdomen. He usually rides on Viska’s head or shoulder. He is friendly unless he or Viska are threatened.


Viska Night-thorn

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