Carumati Izora

Carumati is a Kellid alchemist.


Carumati is 35, and 5’9" tall. She is retiring and sometimes seems to be holding silent debates with invisible partners. She will often, even in mid-conversation, wave her hands in front of her face seeming to wipe an offending equation off a chalkboard. She moves quickly, always, as though she has something urgent to which she must attend. But when arrested by an idea she is immovable, eyes transfixed, the index finger of her right hand massaging her temple. At these times Carumati is at her most insightful and vulnerable.


Of Kellid descent but Keleshite upbringing, Carumati Izora is a foreigner to all peoples. The bone-edge angles of her cheeks, chin, and nose cannot be softened by the embroidered silks her adopted family trades in. With the opportunity to study at the University of Lepidstadt Carumati has exiled herself to a world where the import of her physical being lay in its power and not its conformity to a racial standard, and where otherness is ironically universal. At Lepidstadt Carumati has distinguished herself as a fearless explorer- seeming to summon the black swan of every extract, poison, and potion. It is here that she has studied under Professor Lorrimoor and begun to experiment with cognatogens.

Carumati Izora

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