Galamir Greenleaf

Well-dressed elf with long platinum blonde hair and bright green eyes wants to enjoy life. Cheers!


Galamir has long, straight platinum blonde hair and bright green eyes. For an elf, he is not overly tall at 6’ and he weighs a proportionate 125 lbs. He wears fashionable leather armor with designs of holly leaves and berries stitched in green and red, and underneath he wears a stylish, embroidered silk shirt (either green, white, tan, or yellow, depending on the occasion, but typically green), blue vest, and brown trousers. He wears sturdy, black leather boots. He has a black cloak but only wears it when traveling a long distance. Aside from his backpack, he carries a rapier, dagger, longbow, and quiver of arrows.

Galamir has rejected the life planned for him, which included learning spellcraft, and he seeks to avoid the nuisance of his past. He travels from adventure to adventure, never settling down into a routine existence. Mainly, he parties as much as he can and enjoys rewarding challenges that provide him with thrills and coin to pay for his party lifestyle. With such low ambition and no discernible skills, Galamir has turned to good-natured thievery, banditry, and other clandestine activities to support himself.

Galamir Greenleaf

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