The Log of Veremo

Entry One

After attending the funeral of the esteemed Prof. Lorrimor, we were charged with delivering several tomes safely: Order of the Palatine Eye; On Verified Madness – The Dark Tapestry; Serving Your Hunger; Umbral Leaves.

I know little of these, save that the Dark Tapestry is the name of the space/place between the stars.

Entry Two

Pharasma guide us… We encountered more undead. Two skeletons attacked us in the covered bridge south of the Town center on our way to her temple. Unluck continues to follow me as I set the bridges ropes on fire trying to get a better view of the then unknown evil in the brige. The ropes lit up the darkness and threatened to burn completely through and drop us into the river. A much unwanted outcome. In the ensuing battle I hurriedly fired off a shot from my longbow and unfortunately missed the skeletons and hit Galamir Greenleaf instead. We managed to finish off the undead, and Galimr put out the fire.

We continued our investigation at the temple. Not the most helpful clergy. What to expect though, this is still Ustalav. I fared no better at the Town Hall – stuffy place anyway. Viska Night-thorn however, discovered a bit of history on Harrowstone. A wretched place – a final abode for the evil damned of Ustalav. Could, as Carumati Izora surmises, Tar Baphon have been held in Harrowstone? I do not look forward to walking those ruins.

Behind Prof. Lorrimor’s, now Kendra’s, house, a small shed hid a an unlocked chest with a small tome inside. The, as yet undeciphered, journal held the names of the five: Father Charleton, the Lopper, the Marshwater Marauder, the Piper of Ilmarsh, and the Splatterman. What else is contained in the strange text?

Tar Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant – the scourge of Ustalav. How his, it’s, touch still lingers. Had I my way, I’d sooner destroy the books than deliver them. But, deliver them we will. I fear The Way will discover the tomes before we safely arrive at Lepistadt.

We meet the sheriff and his deputies tomorrow midday. I only hope he will finally see us as more than just passersby looking for trouble in Ravengro.

Entry Three

The Log of Veremo

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