Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

Session 2

The party, suffering from fatigue, and some from shock, made their way toward Ravengro. As they traveled to the Professor’s funeral, they questioned Bela Sedronis in an attempt to learn more of the mysterious gentleman who kidnapped her and attacked them. The woman was of little help and only confirmed the area’s ignorance of the evil that surrounded them.

Once arrived at the stopping point for Mistress Sedronis, Galamir, Algrym, Veremo, Sollen and Viska patronized the local tavern while Carumati held some kind of vigil by the carriage horses. After the former refreshed themselves the reunited party continued on their journey to Ravengro where they visited the Laughing Demon for food and drink, and then found lodging for the night at the Outward Inn. Galamir, Veremo and Sollen continued their drinking made even more raucous for the accompanying game of chance. Viska made a study of the card game while Carumati retired to her room and Sollen removed himself to a quieter corner of the Inn.

The next morning, a few of the party, the worse for the drinking, none-the-less proceeded to the appointed location of the funeral services—The Restlands. Professor Lorimore’s daughter, Kendra, met them at the gate of the grave yard and invited them to take up the Professor’s casket. In a somber assemblage, followed by the professor’s legal representative, Councilman Hearthmont, and a few townspeople, they processed across the small yard toward a party at the crest of a gentle slope where the minister, Father Grimbburrow, waited.

Soon after they began however, a band of agrarian hooligans blocked their path, pitchforks, shovels, and rakes in hand. The band attempted to stop the funeral accusing the Professor of necromancy. Fortunately, the quick thinking of the party convinced the leader of the hooligans that the Professor was nothing but a peaceful academic interested only in protecting their homeland from evil.

Once the funeral services concluded the party followed Kendra to her home where Hearthmont read aloud the Professor’s last will and testament. The document revealed that this group of adventurers was to protect Kendra, keep several black magic tomes from falling into the wrong hands, and was to be rewarded handsomely for achieving these goals. In addition to the tomes, the adventurers took possession of the Professor’s journal which recorded his efforts to root out the evil forces plaguing Ravengro.

That evening the adventurers began their investigation of Ravengro hoping to find some means of securing the tomes and insuring Kendra’s continued safety. They decided to explore the Harrowstone where local lore held that Warden Hawkran’s Wife haunted the ruins of a prison destroyed long ago in a fire. However, on their way, the party were diverted by hysteric screams of townspeople running to a crossroads just south of the village square.

There at the crossroads was a statue commemorating the prison guards who had sacrificed their lives to save others from the fire. The inscription, “For those who died to save the rest” was marred with a slashing red “V” scrawled across its base. The party noted that the statue listed twenty-five names all male but for one, Vesariana Hawkran. Veremo began to clean the offending stain off the statue when Sheriff Benjin Collar interceded and admonished the ranger for interfering. The adventurers took their cue and returned to their original task of investigating the prison ruins.

On their way, Galamir caught sight of a creature in distress huddled in an alleyway. As Galamir approached with Carumati and Viska following, the creature turned on the three revealing that it was an undead, unholy, creature. Holy water did not quell the creature’s attack, but Viska’s spell and Galamir’s attack exploded the corpse flesh.



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