Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

Session One

Carrion Crown

Session 1.
The party found itself in a large coach, careening through a forest at night with a storm lashing at the carriage. A gentleman, tall and black-haired with very pale skin, and three companions sat at one end of the carriage while the party, well some of the party anyway, kept to themselves. One of the gentleman’s companions was a woman. Though quiet and sitting, she was obviously in some form of distress.

Veremo and Galamir attempted to entertain the gentleman with bawdy jokes, dancing, and singing. All to no avail. The very famous Algrym then began some sort of conjuring practice on the gentleman. Through the course of his work, Carumati and one of the gentleman’s companions began dancing as if not under their own power.

The witch, Viska, became concerned about the female fellow traveler and queried the gentleman about her well being. The gentleman became suddenly, and viciously hostile and began attacking the party as he ran from the moving carriage with the woman. The party followed.

Veremo and Galamir attacked the minions and gentleman in turns. Algrym too tried to use his powers to stop the evildoers. Suffering a near lethal injury, Algrym required the healing powers of Viska who also used that power in reverse against one of the minions. Carumati threw one of her alchemical bombs at the gentleman and the woman, temporarily stopping their escape but injuring both. She injured one of the minions by pouring holy water on the undead thing.

Ultimately the minions were bested but the gentleman angrily escaped. The party made their way, injured and stunned back to the carriage. The woman whom they had saved thanked them and began a ritual card telling for Viska. The woman then gifted the Harrowing cards to Viska and bid her to perform the ritual on each member of the party.



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