Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

Session Five

The tensions have risen among Professor Lorrimor’s party. Though incorporeal, their enemies have dealt very concrete blows and left two of the party confined to Kendra’s home healing slowly. Sollen, the drawf, was bedridden and tended by Carumati for hours while the others attended the emergency council hearing.

The council meeting was beset by a trio of giant skulls formed entirely of flame. The skulls flew from rafter to floor to dais as the attendees flocked to the locked doors. Galamir and Veremo attempted to open the doors but were thrown to the ground in the mob chaos. Finally, the heroes extinguished the flames though a council woman and a small boy were gravely injured.

Rejoining their wounded members back at Kendra’s home, the adventurers divided the nursing duties and ventured out into the village again to make appointed meetings with Alendru. His failure to appear and the coincidental arrival of a note from The Inquisitor summoning the party to meet her at the Temple threw Carumati into a fit of paranoia. Carumati, the most inexperienced of the party, nearly immobilized the group – seeing Whispering Way conspirators behind every corner.

Cooler heads prevailed however and Galamir navigated a difficult conversation with The Inquisitor while Viska obtained access to Temple documents providing rich detail on the five murderous prisoners killed in the Harrowgate escape/fire.

All but Galamir returned to Kendra’s home – the rogue indulging his more licentious urges at an ill-repute inn. His “earnings” accompanied him back to his quarters only to awaken the entire household at dawn with tortured screams as she ran out of the house naked but for two pillows tied fast to her knees.



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