Pathfinder: Carrion Crown

Session Three

Kendra’s eclectic security detail began its work by visiting the Temple. They hoped to find there some information about those who had perished in the Harrowstone fire. As they traveled to the temple, they were attacked by the re-animated skeletal remains of, at least, two humans – though none could possibly determine whether or not the bones were from the same humans or an abominable melange of legions of dead. From more research in the Professor’s home Viska uncovered that the cult sought the return of Tar Baphon. And, an additional journal that Veremo uncovered listed five names – the same five names that were part of the macabre children’s rhyme the party had heard nights before. Carumati surmised that perhaps Tar Baphon was held in some form in the prison at one time.

Ultimately the adventurers subdued the living skeletons and continued to the Temple where Viska made little progress in learning about the Whispering Way. On their return however, the bones were gone. Galamir and Veremo tracked footprints surrounding the bones to the sheriff’s office. After reassuring the sheriff yet again that they had no ill intent, the party learned only that they should interview Kendra’s tutor who might have more insight into the escalating evil. The sheriff granted the adventurers a meeting and the appointment was set for noon.

Research was also conducted at the Town Hall where Viska, through her wiles, gained access to town records which revealed the history of Harrowstone. The party learned that Ravengro’s identity was inextricably linked to the prison, its destruction, and history. The party learned that the worst of Ustalav’s prisoners were sent to Harrowstone and that they were executed there. Finally, Viska’s research revealed that the fire immediately followed a prison uprising and fortunately thwarted its aims.

The meeting with the sheriff did not occur as the adventurers found him – or parts of him and two others dismembered, laying in a bloody marinade with a knife wielding figure standing over them.



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