The Log of Sollen

To whom it concerns, in regards to the estate of Professor Lorrimor,

When you receive this letter, I will have already begun the journey, by foot, to
Ravengro. I ask that you not begin the service without me. Though I was never a
student of the Professor’s, I learned a great deal from him. My sister was one of his
most promising students. I am sure you have heard that sentence uttered a number
of times but in my Sister’s case, it was justified. While we are not together, I have
sent word to her and I hope that it reaches her in time, that she may attend as well.
The Professor, to my understanding, traveled a great deal. Whenever he found
himself in our city, he would always seek out my sister and what time he had,
teaching her and then he was gone again. I have spent most of my life studying the
art of combat, a path that was chosen for me at a very young age. I do not regret it
for one moment, though I wish I was seen as something more at times. I have a great
love of that which lies beneath the surface, for old ruins and lost kingdoms. I don’t
know how but the Professor knew this and after his lessons with my Sister, he
would take me aside and tell me great tales of civilizations lost and found, of
common and uncommon traps set to guard that which one deemed most valuable
and all things crafted. He gave me his time and his knowledge and I am a better
Dwarf for it. Though I feel at times that it could have been put to better use, I spoke
an oath to pursue and build upon that gift he gave me and to never let it go to waste.
Though I was never his student, he will always be my teacher. The people of this
land have lost a great resource and one that cannot be replaced. I travel with speed
and purpose and look forward to honoring the Professor as he travels to the next
kingdom. I will reference this letter upon my arrival.

A Dwarf


If this finds you before you have left for the Professor’s service, I beg you to stay. Ravengro is not a safe place. There is something very off about it and it’s people. The Professor has asked that we complete some tasks that will have me here for a period of time yet unknown. When I say “we”, I have found myself in the company a number of individuals that I would not have picked myself but now find myself, at times, thankful for their presence. I know it is important for us to remain “unknown” but I have been acting out of character since arriving here. This place makes me uneasy and on edge. I find myself outspoken where I should be silent, looking for a physical end to most issues that have arisen and standing out in the crowd, when I should be invisible. This town is hiding a number of things that is eating it from the inside. I am sorry that I must remain vague but it is for our safety. We must not reveal to much in our communications, in case they are intercepted. Know that I have not, nor will I ever, lose sight of your objectives. I miss you and hate that we are not together. Please continue to be vigilant and I will find you soon. I will keep you informed about the happenings here and will complete my tasks here as soon as I am able. The Professor would be proud of you and I will honor his last wishes.

The Stone that does not wear.



One more shield bash should return this…uhhh…

…what is this on my hand…

…I can smell sweat. That sweat that hits you when you know you are going to die. It is instant, it is cold. I smell metal. Not a weapon metal but the kind of metal smell that a lot of blood gives off.

…we have grown up together. We are a strong and proud family. We are honor given life and we are safe. As safe as a Dwarf can be. My Brothers and I train everyday, while Kallen sits off to the side, her nose buried in a book or a scroll. Her smile never leaves her face when she is learning. When our parents look upon us, we can feel their pride. My Uncle comes a few times a year and stays for a few weeks at a time. We live a life of privilege but are not spoiled for it.

…it’s wet and warm…

…the heat from the forge is too much. How is that possible? Few things give me more comfort than the heat from the forge, working, bending the metal to my will with my hammer…I am not working the forge, I am a part of the heat, the flame. My life is being given to heat the forge…did I give it willingly? Did I have a choice? Did someone place me here or did I place my self? I am burning but not burning away. Am I being hammered to someone’s will, becoming an instrument for him or her?

…Brafton’s eyes lost focus as he started to slide to the floor, revealing the orc kneeling behind him, it’s sword wet with Brafton’s life. As I stood there, two more orcs came up behind the Stonekiller and smiled at me. While I was trying to put everything in order in my head about what I had just seen, they rushed me. The stone saved me. In their rush for my blood, the three of them moving as one, they didn’t take into account how the width of the tunnel would factor in with the width of each other and the width of their weapon swings. I did. I roared at them and yelled something, still to this day, I have no idea what I said, and cut them down. I had never seen anyone killed before nor had I ever killed something myself.

…this is my blood, my life, that I am trying to stop from rushing out of me…is this what Brafton felt?

…Brafton and I are chosen to carry food to the back line of the fighting. Our Brothers and Sisters have been gaining ground on the party that attacked our Northern outpost. It is a great honor. In a few more years, we will be old enough to join the fighting, to hold the line and guard the borders of our kingdoms.

…the Professor is so patient with me. I don’t have my Sister’s love of knowledge or her ability to hear something once and understand it. Though many people wanted his time, he always made room for me. He taught me things about my surroundings that I would not have learned in my training. He told me that I would need these skills one day and that he would need my help one day. He said that learning and knowledge were not always found in books. He was a great man and I will not fail in what he has asked of me.

…my strength escapes me…my shield…my family…

If this is found, please return to Kendra Lorrimor.

Kendra, please hold on to this, in the hopes that it will be retrieved by one of my family.


I don’t have a lot of time, my group is in another room and could return at any moment. I have been trained my whole life to fight, to defend, to win. I was always good at it, I always found a way.

I don’t know how to fight this corrupt…place. This haunted prison of death. I wish there was something for me to bash or cleave. We have encountered things in this place that I can’t explain. That I can’t figure out how to combat. We have explored a small portion of this place, this Harrowstone Prison, and I…we are already overwhelmed. I didn’t know if I should tell you this but I was on my way to the stone from an encounter leading up to the prison. My group saved my life and oversaw my recovery. It was as close as one can get to the stone. I tell you this, not to frighten you but to warn you.

If anything happens to me, please continue to move and operate in extreme caution.

I would lay down my life for any in my group. I owe it to them and they are deserving of it. My fear is that my life will not be enough to save theirs. My fear is that we will die here, that the Professor will not be avenged and that we as a family will never be together again.

I fear th

We came upon a traveling group of performers…
They had lost one of their own to a vile creature and I cannot allow myself to share a meal with them…
The Great Weldonor and this company of Outsiders…
The Great Liar…
The Great Deceiver…

We found ourselves in Katapesh, knowing that we might have to leave at a moments notice. I was of an age, where I didn’t understand why we traveled so much and kept to ourselves, but I loved all the different places and different people. I missed the earth and stone but I was on quite an adventure.

Katapesh was a place of yelling, spectacles and colors. On our way into the city, there were lines of caravans that went on for miles, waiting to get into the city. Of all those caravans, people and colors, one of them caught my attention and held it. The side of the front wagon read: The Great Weldonor and His Company of Outsiders. The following wagon read: Orthono, The Half Elf/Half Snake. The third in line read: Ruh, The Civil Troll. There were thirteen wagons in total, each as wild as the next. There were at least thirty children surrounding Weldonor’s wagon. Weldonor was a Gnome but at that moment, he seemed to be twice as big as a human. We were lead through a small side gate by a Dwarf guide and I lost sight of Weldonor…but not before I found out where he would be performing for the next two weeks.

Over the next 10 days, eight children went missing. One of them was found. I was very lucky.


The Log of Sollen

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